The Settlement Hotel Melaka

The story of Melaka, also known as Malaysia’s Historic City, starts of with the fascinating tale of the origin of its name.  Founded in 1400 by Parameswara, a Palembang Prince who, inspired by the show of bravery of a mousedeer that kicked one of his hunting dogs into a river, decided to establish a city on the ground he was sitting on. As he was resting under the shade of the Melaka tree, so the city was named.

Situated at a point of strategic importance, Melaka boomed into a prosperous international trading port for spices, porcelain, tea and silk – luring Chinese, Javanese, Indian and Arab merchants. As Malacca’s fame and wealth grew, it soon fell under the covetous eyes of emerging European powers, and was colonised by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. The imprints of all the different influences are still visible in the architecture, heritage buildings and colonial structures we see in Melaka.

The Settlement Hotel Melaka seeks to capture and preserve Melaka's illustrious history, and to weave our guests through an evolution of cultures and hospitality. After two years of fervent restoration, the once tired-looking 1960’s 4-storey government building located at the fringe of the Portuguese Settlement along Jalan Ujong Pasir, World UNESCO Heritage City Melaka, has now come alive in the form of an intimate boutique hotel that showcases the unique intertwined cultures and the rich heritage of Melaka.

Standing proudly against a backdrop of unpretentious everyday-life Melaka, The Settlement Hotel boasts a 45-room residence block and 4 villas spread elegantly over a total built-up area of 35,000 square feet of garden and lawn. Much of the original building structure was retained to become “The Residences”, while 5 traditional Malay villas were constructed nearby, one of which has been converted into a lavish traditional spa facility with 3 therapy/ massage rooms offering numerous relaxing and rejuvenating spa experiences, with a dip pool beside it for guests who wish to have a refreshing dip.

Expect to be spoilt to the hilt the moment you step into The Settlement Hotel Melaka. Greeted by a 350-year-old prized Sultan Bed at the front porch on a carefully tiled floor with century old tiles hailing from a Palembang mosque in Sumatra, each piece carries with it its own unique story. Upon entering the quaint hotel lobby, aptly named The Cool Room, our guests will be ushered to the Dining Room to enjoy a cup of traditional English tea, while the front-office ambassadors take care of the registration. Following that, Settlement Ambassadors will personally escort guests to their respective rooms/ suites and introduce the room amenities.

The Settlement Hotel staff pride themselves on providing exceptional service to our guests, to ensure an unmatched and unforgettable experience.

Updated on 03 Sep 2018